Friday, October 17, 2014

FACTS 2014

First off, sorry this won't be a Yubel post ....

Now second ... to start ...

tomorrow I'll be going to a convention. I only do 2 anime conventions in a year and it's possible that this is the last year I'll be doing this one.

I'm going to FACTS here in belgium. The convention started off more as sci-fi, comic kind of con but eventually grow to a more anime based convention. There are quite a lot of stands but no real big named stands besides archonia from
Also coming to visit the con are a few actors/actresses ... most of you probably don't know this but I don't know any actors. (except for like maybe 2) I don't know celebs or anything because I don't really care to much about them. I like a movie once in a while but I don't care about the specific actors as long as the acting/story/place and time/etc interests me.

All details about the convention can be viewed here (though a bit late if you felt like going XD)

Personally I'm not really searching anything anymore besides for a few games so I'll probably go home with nothing besides some drinks and food XD

Friday, October 10, 2014

Custom figure update

So a while back I talked about a custom figure that was getting made for me.
She's still not complete, there has been some things coming in between apperently.
So this'll be just a short update with some pictures but besides that I won't say to much about it.
I'll do a full review when she's complete and I actually get her.
SPOILER ALERT: there will be a lot of negative stuff in there that I already know of but that's all about things that went on between me and the maker. I can't say if it'll be positive or negative for the sculpt itself cuz I don't have it yet.