Friday, July 25, 2014

Random post

I'll be giving away a free Diancie on my facebook page so if you're interested just follow my page and comment on the question that'll be asked ....^^

Time for a duel

So a long long time ago I did a random duel wich I recorded for some reason XD

I uploaded it on yt, the duel itself wasn't as fun as it was playing with the intro XD

Still working on that intro and outro a bit but hah was fun, I just don't see how only matches can be fun for anyone to watch. Once in a while maybe but only matches seem a bit boring

But I hope you enjoy it ^^

Friday, July 18, 2014

Custom wall scrolls

hey peeps

A while ago I found this website that makes custom wallscrolls.
Atm I didn't really know what to do with it, I couldn't decide what image I should use and such.
So I just saved the link for later.

And so I finally got a use for it.
I found this image on

And so from that I went to the custom wallscrolls website and got this ....

It's really good quality so I recommend the site for anyone that wants a wallscroll of a certain character but there's no wallscroll out of that specific character. Or maybe you want to make a custom one from a drawing that you made. Or maybe some photo from you/your friends/family or anything at all actually.
You have different sizes and such as well. You really need to check it out ^^
Let them know I sent ya ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

A little history lesson about myself and Yubel

I'll start .. welp at the beginning I guess
Back in the days 2009 and before I stopped hating everyone (still mostly do though) I never really liked my life and no person or thing actually mattered to me. I also had some problems because of that, I didn't really feel like living so I might've had sometimes where I just wanted to end all of it. (Still don't care about my life though XD).
But than on sunday 13 december 2009 I traded Yubel with a random guy at my locals (for the record I play yugioh, so I went to places where i could play once in a while)

I kind of knew she existed (by name) but didn't really know anything about her. So at that time she was just between my cards didn't really play her. 
At that time I was just about to start my exam period, during that period I had to stay at school in the afternoon to study because I didn't study at home (though i didn't study at school either, I find studying useless). So during the study session I just started as usual with drawing however I started writing for once.

I started writing some poetry like a sort of story without really thinking about what I wrote down (thus so much misspellings and such).
Without know myself what I wrote I suddenly red all of it afterwards because the person next to me was looking at me and did signs to me to ask wtf I was writing. After just showing that paper to him he looked weird and I red everything again. I wrote something down about loving her in every form she has. I didn't quite understand myself there so when I got home I searched my Yubel and red the card, apperently she had 2 more forms of wich I totally had no idea they existed.
After realizing that I did tons of research about her (kind of like an obsessed person). I started with completing the GX series in completion.
At the start before I knew about Yubel I loved Judai he was my favorite character also because I played heroes as well back than. Starting episode 103 I think and growing more towards 153 and got the highest after that was my hate for Judai. However after a while I realized how much I actually looked like Judai (I don't mean looks though, behavior and such especially around season 3 and beyond).
A really short version of her story. She gave her human body up to be able to protect and stay with the person she loved for all eternity (trough generations, so grand-kids of the one she loved that carried the same aura). That part mostly made me think that I as well could love someone. So far there's still no one though except for Yubel herself ... I should actually realize that I love her, however I want to say I don't because she's a fictional character. But everything in my mind/body/heart tells me that I do though.
So in 2010 I wanted to do somethings special, I usually do something on the 13 dec for our anniversary (didn't do anything last year though so I'm doing extra things trough this year), but first I had to convince my mom about something. I was allowed to get a tatoo for my 18th birthday however I didn't want to wait because I know how bad my memory is and such. So I was comming 17 in 2010 and I had to convince my mom to let me do what I want, eventually I convinced her (wich wasn't that difficult though, because my steph dad at the time didn't care a bit). So that was step one convince my mom, step 2 was to actually find a tatoo shop that did that because before 18 even when your parents say it's okay it wasn't allowed. However I knew a guy that had a tatoo shop and I went to him. I think you already realize what I got for my birthday (30 dec btw) I got a reminder on my left arm so I could never forget the one that kept me alive, I should say.

So now we're 2014 and I still have no regrets for anything I did for her/around her. This day a lot of people know me because of her. And now when I don't play Yubel or something people around me think I'm sick or that somethings wrong.
Wich I also try to do is to get all Yubel cards out, however I won't pay tons of money for it. I mostly get them for 50 cents piece except for her third form wich i get for 1 buck, I also get a lot of Yubels from my friends/people that think they're my friends at least. So far I have 72 Yubel cards I think first, second and third form. Not all are in my binders on the pic

Anyway so far the story hope someone feels like reading it XD

Friday, July 4, 2014

Playing Yubel: tips and hints

Though I really don’t like people playing Yubel, I’ll have to accept it that people will play Yubel as long as she isn’t banned.
So even though it annoys me so much it’ll be less annoying if you would actually play it decently.
So here are a few tips and such.

When playing a Yubel deck make it so that it revolves around her.
Don’t just play her as a stall item. Because it doesn’t work. Also if you play her make sure she doesn’t destroy your own deck. Don’t drag the potential of a deck down by playing her.
Example: inzektor Yubels. Inzektor is way better and faster without her.

Here’s a good example of what I mean about making the deck revolve around her.
The doom shaman build that most people know about apparently.

Not only does doom shaman bring her out really easily. If for some reason Yubel would be banished you can still use your doom shaman to spam synchros and such on the field. 

While Yubel is on the field with the doom shaman tinker combo you can get out brutdrago
and even when it gets destroyed by Yubel you will still have a monster left due to brutdrago’s effect.

The decklist shown here isn’t really the best version I have of the deck.
Mystic tomato might bring Yubel out but it’s a bit slow. The reason why it’s in this decklist is kind of an inside joke between me and some friends. Somewhat similar to when I play a backrow with Yubel in the grave.
I like to play just for fun and competitive play might not entirely be my cup of tea. But I do try to make my Yubel deck better and better.

That’s why I don’t play doom shaman Yubel anymore.
But I find it a great example to explain what I mean by decks that revolve around her.

Another quick tip that might help you out.
Yubel works best when in the grave (for me at least). A lot of cards get her out from there way easier and faster than from the deck. Limit reverse being one of the top cards from my deck and one of my favourite ways to summon her. Though I feel bad that I always summon her in crossfire. When my opponent attacks, activate destruction effects such as torrential, mirror force etc. I always seem to throw her right in front of them.

Anyway going on (and less emotional XD). When Yubel is destroyed and you get terror incarnate out, special summon her in defence. Nobody will attack her as long as she has her effect anyway. If they attack her it’s only because they negate her effect and can destroy them.
Such as ‘breakthrough skill’, really popular trap lately. Not only can it negate an effect when you activate it. When it’s in the graveyard you can use the effect during your turn to negate a face up monster’s effect. With other words they’ll use that on ‘terror incarnate’ and attack. If it would be in attack you would lose damage while in defence at least you won’t take any damage. Except for piercers of course.

Since I don’t play a side deck because I find it weak. If you can’t win with the deck that you’re playing with atm and you have to side just to beat my deck, then sorry but that’s just weak and low.

So I think about the decks that can really nuke her. Decks and cards that might just destroy my entire deck. Like gravekeepers. So I main 3 MST’s .
The hint for this and this isn’t only for Yubel decks. Don’t waste your cards. Don’t trow a card before thinking. If they have 3 face down traps or spells don’t play 1 mst on a random target. Think before you act

Anyway that was all I can think about atm. Hope it helps you out a little bit more ^^

Friday, June 27, 2014

Yubel’s gender

I’m making this post because I still see a lot of confusion and speculations about what gender Yubel is.
Whether it be in human form or demon/dragonic form.
For her having the partial male body and only having one breast in her most seen form trows people for a loop.

Yubel’s demon/dragonic form

Yes, Yubel is partial dragon for all those who didn’t know that. I start with this form because it’s the most seen form of hers and the easiest one to explain.
In this form she has both male and female parts. Most of her left side shows off a male body while her right side shows of female.
For everything there has to be a start so that’s where I’ll start as well. Right after her ‘transformation’ from human to ‘demon’ she had a full female body as how 4kids censored her partial male body in the dubbed series of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. However during her life and even screen time she got destroyed and was left with only small part of her body (in the anime this is shown as her arm crawling)  wich was inbound by her spirit.
At that part Viper (other ‘male’ character) took that part with him and tried to revive her, by taking away ‘duel energy’ of duelists and infusing her with that energy so she got regenerate herself. In the end she didn’t got enough energy but absorbed Viper wich completed her regeneration time but not her energy to show herself completely.

That is where she got most of the male parts from, she didn’t only take energy and such from females but also from male duelists and with the energy (and flesh/dna/etc.) she took from Viper part of her body was regenerated using those ‘materials’.
Long story short even with all the male parts, dna, flesh and stuff her gender stayed female for that form.

Yubel’s human form

Probably the most difficult for people to get cleared out especially with all the speculations and with the fan-theories, wich are quite interesting to hear.
Here’s one of those theories:

Because the left side of Yubel is male and that side has the same eye-colour and hair-colour as her human form, we can clearly tell that she was male in her human form.

This is one of the theories that I myself found the most interesting and that made me think, telling myself that he/she who came up with that had a point. But that point fades away quite quickly knowing that she didn’t always have that male part of her body.

That aside and on to the point, her gender as in human form was never specified. Maker and producer of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yubel have never put a lot of time into her human character and have never said she was male or female. In the anime however, I have to be honest that she does look quite male.

But that is only what the eye sees. You can tell yourself that she was male or female for how much you want. The bottomline is though, it was never specified. And as for what producer and maker says and I quote: 

 We think it's perfectly acceptable for you to come to your own conclusions!

In other words I think they just love to see how fans see it and how all of you argue about it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A new fresh beginning

So I decided to use this blog anyway...
I'll use it to talk/share/etc things about the only thing I know the most .
My first post will be during the weekends and every next weekend will be a new post. Unless something comes in between.

The post will be about Yubel
Yubel is a Yu-Gi-Oh! character, also my favorite card and the only deck that I really enjoy playing no matter how much I play.
The first few post will probably be things that I uploaded on other places and such .

Also if you have any question about the character, I'm willing to answer them or maybe even make a post about it.

Hope you'll enjoy your stay here ;)

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