Friday, October 24, 2014

The dissapointment that's called FACTS 2014

As you all know by my previous post I went to facts passed saturday and well it was a huge dissapointment.
Not that many stands and the stands that were there were selling fake shit, stuff of bad quality or totally obvious bootleg figures ....
Unlike last year these were not banned from the con and were not against the rules since the rule of bootlegs being illegal to be sold at facts was taken down this year. My thought behind this is probably because they didn't have a lot of people that could afford to stand there since their prices for the stands went up (again). Smaller stands couldn't make money anymore because of the huge price to have a small stand . However since bootleg sellers don't really lose anything on their figures almost everything is winst for them. Thus the only thing they really did was ruin their own convention. I did spent the entire day there but only because I was there with couple of other people who wanted to stay for a bit longer. Unlike last year we only went around twice and we found as good as nothing decent. Only thing we did spent our time at was on the project diva game and dance dance revolution ... well the guys I went with spent their time there I didn't had much energy to do anything. If I were to have gone alone I would've walked around once and go home again. It was a waste of time and money but out of everything I found about 10 mangas(on one stand):

3 mangas from a series that I'm following 'monster musume', though I only red the first one partially. I don't really read a lot tbhand 2 new series that i'll be following 3 mangas from 'love in hell'and 4 from 'a centaur's life'
But most of all I found an awsome figure that is really hard to find ...
I personally prefer to have fewer figures that look this nice instead of having a ton of figures that are just fine.I mean lots of my figure collections are really well done figures but I just can't really compare them with this one ... might be because most of the stuff I have is way to colorful XD

Also a small update about Yubel .... yugioh itself has been going quite downhill, it's been even worse than boring lately so I haven't really put much effort into my deck lately. I don't do tournaments anymore and haven't done any since forever ago. I still like to play once in a while but overall I'm wasting my time on it since no one can come up with something original anymore :/

Friday, October 17, 2014

FACTS 2014

First off, sorry this won't be a Yubel post ....

Now second ... to start ...

tomorrow I'll be going to a convention. I only do 2 anime conventions in a year and it's possible that this is the last year I'll be doing this one.

I'm going to FACTS here in belgium. The convention started off more as sci-fi, comic kind of con but eventually grow to a more anime based convention. There are quite a lot of stands but no real big named stands besides archonia from
Also coming to visit the con are a few actors/actresses ... most of you probably don't know this but I don't know any actors. (except for like maybe 2) I don't know celebs or anything because I don't really care to much about them. I like a movie once in a while but I don't care about the specific actors as long as the acting/story/place and time/etc interests me.

All details about the convention can be viewed here (though a bit late if you felt like going XD)

Personally I'm not really searching anything anymore besides for a few games so I'll probably go home with nothing besides some drinks and food XD