Friday, August 29, 2014

Overall Yu-Gi-Oh and Yubel update

Starting off I have to tell you that I haven't really been doing a lot around Yubel specificly but she still gives me the inspiration I need to do things. Everytime I'm stuck just going trough my deck and such gives me tons of ideas.

However yugioh itself has been quite of a let down for me, I don't get fun matches. The new rulings, new cards and such don't interest me at all. Some of them do look good like a dragon hunter pendulum monster idk the correct name. But besides just some art here and there nothing have poked my interest button ... My deck overall has stayed the same I'm playing an archfiend Yubel deck.
I won't post a decklist of that. It's my personal deck that I created from scrap I don't want all the netnoobs to go out and steal my idea. There are a lot of archfiend Yubel decks going around so you can pick one from wherever if you can't make your own stuff.

I'm putting a lot of time into my doll and artworks. Art in general actually, stories, paintings and such. I don't draw that often anymore though and I'm working a lot at home to get things a bit nice and cleaned up, the way I want them to.

I hope for the few that read my blogs that they understand that but I will continue posting every friday. Because that's my Yubel day , though I should make that a sonday since I got my first Yubel on a sunday ... hmmm
On saturdays I mostly go out gaming or whatever, just spending time with some people (not really friends but just people). I do sometimes play yugioh with them but like I said I haven't gotten any interesting matches anymore. I just sit there while they play with themselves for about 10 minutes doing the same loop over and over again ...

In the future you will see more Alice stuff. My doll should be arriving next week and I'll go straight into it and put her together paint my pieces and so on. I also post a lot on so keep an eye out for posts on there as well. But for now it's mostly waiting ... and that's something I HATE O.O

I'll leave you with this drawing I did quite some time ago XD

Sunday, August 24, 2014

[Project Alice] the start

So for quite a while now I wanted a dollfie but never really knew where I wanted to go with it.
Did I want to make her the same as an existing character, start from 0 and see where it goes from there...?
Eventually I decided to make her as one of my old characters, back then she didn't have a name so I named her Alice because I really like that name.
I made a little sketch for people to see where I wanted to go with her and a few people did try to help and eventually helped me out a bit. I'm really thankfull to those people to try help me out and follow my posts for quite some time.

here's my first sketch from Alice (not entirely my first sketch, but first sketch since I decided to make a dollfie from her):

I also made or it's still in the make actually, a story about her just to give her some sort of a background.
This story can be found here on my DA account.

Before I did anything else I had to go trough lots of details so I know exactly what I wanted. And yet another person helped me out with that, by redrawing my little girl and color her in. Lennard from made this drawing for me. And omg she looks so fricking pretty ...

Already bought a DD and some extra parts, so I can make her. But on top of that Yuisa909 another fellow fm member gave me a little present for my project, you can find out what that present is on following post.

Next post will reveal a little secret about Alice, her backstory and how she looked before ....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Painting isn't really my thing

So I've been busy on this painting for quite a while. I'm really not good at painting but I thought let's give it a shot. Hopefully some people like it, it's going to go up in my hallway just to creep people out that come in XD
It's not done yet but ... I kind of like it ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I kind of stopped playing Yu-gi-oh ... I still play once in a while for fun though.
But since I stopped there won't be a lot about Yubel in form of gameplay or anything (not that there has been). Posts around Yubel might get less over time. She was the most important thing to me for the past 4-5 years and will be for the following few that I have left. That's something that won't change.
But currently I'm busy with Alice, more information about Alice will be provided over several posts.
I started this project only a week ago or so, over on figure fm.
Started this project as Project Dollfie but I changed the name to Project Alice since it's a dollfie that resembles Alice.
As said more information is coming later.
I'll probably make Yubel posts still on the friday for so far I can keep that up and during the weekend saturday or sunday I'll make my Alice posts.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Writing stories

Besides from drawing, I write a lot of things as well. Poems, little stories, etc.
And I currently started a Dollfie project, a project I might eventually throw over to here as well. But there's a lot of time left.

A previous story I wrote was about Yubel. Or at least with her in my mind and can be found here:

All my stories contain some truth behind it, part of my past is mirrorred into the stories. My bad past is what gives me most of my ideas together with my lil muse Yubel, great ideas come along from time to time ...

For all those who care a bit more about the yu-gi-oh part, sorry but I don't play that often anymore. Ygo has been completely ruined for me, not only by players but by konami themselves. Though players ruin it way more for me than konami does. With their stealing, faking and overall bad competitive way of playing. I don't care that they're competitive because in a way I am as well. But they play pay2win wise, it's stupid and it's just wasting your money. Everyone should realize whenever a deck tops that the banlist will drag that deck down. It has always been like that and it'll always stay like that. First the deck tops, expensive cards get reprinted over and over again. And then they get limited or banned. It's all a money game for the players and thus a big money game for konami.

Friday, August 8, 2014

internet limit is shit

For some reason I always surpass my internet limit lately...
So my internet still works but slower than normal, everything takes a while to upload and such.
It's really annoying.

But at least I got some time on my hands to draw and scuh, even though I still haven't found that time to draw yet XD

This is a somewhat older drawing but I kinda like it

Friday, August 1, 2014

Chibi Yubel wants to have some candy :3

Took me a while but I finally drew a chibi Yubel.
Not that good at drawing chibis but I'm learning

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