Sunday, September 15, 2013


sorry that i don't really use this
i just don't really have anything special to share O.O
i thought i had but guess not ^^

Sunday, August 18, 2013

"sunday funday": nuthing funny O.O

well this would be sunday funday but nohting fun so far
lost gf , pretty sure tomorrow i'll lose my job cuz they already said i would
you see no matter how bad ur life is ... it'll only get worse
well leavin u with this instead .....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"UPDATE": satruday 10/08/'13 Yu-Gi-Oh! tagteam tournament

heyah peeps
quick update, had tounrament yesterday of yugioh doubleteam/tagteam, finished 3rd place
tag team partners were chosen at random and my partner never saw me play before so it was difficult for him to use my cards

"SUNDAY FUNDAY" : Yu-Gi-OH! volcanic deck

hey peeps
as most of u might not know, I play yugioh
i've randomly trown together this deck a while back and i have to say it's fricking funny XD
if anyone wants to test it for themself feel free to use it ^^

Saturday, August 10, 2013

"UPDATE": Problems :(

hey peeps ... for those who do read this
i'm having quite a lot of issues lately
as sum might know by checking old posts
i live alone ... but nut that long and i'm still trying to get setled down
i need loadsa money for loadsa stuff so i'm working really really hard lately
due to that i have lil to no time for myself anymore :(
but it'll change and i'll make it more active here ... with sum topics first one will start tomorrow
"sunday funday"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

And still not dead

I am sorry i haven't been able to keep this up to date
I've been working my bottom off and i haven't really had to much time to post things
Also don't have any material anymore due to pc issues i had a while back

so this has changed: I have 85% of a madoka figure collection
got some other new figgies
and doubting if i will get my momo dollfie yes or no

I am currently saving up a lot of money for 2 years from now
though i don't like to look so far into the future, but it means a lot to me
Also a lot of things have exploded here, like, my things to make food ... all decided to explode O.O

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow Miku 2013 nendoroid

Got this Miku from MIA 5
I really like the box of it, the nendo itself is really awsome as well i like the kimono .... because i like kimono's XD
I prefered the sitting down pose the most so i stayed with that.

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