Friday, September 26, 2014

Yubel friday current deck ... construction

I'm gonna be honest here, I've been having some issues with my deck lately.
I mostly don't adjust it to much, like twice a year or so. However new decks/archtypes and such have been coming out and I feel like it's lacking something.
So I'm currently a bit working on it to get it where I want it to be, but here's the monster line-up with some traps that are always in there, these will not change. (at the moment, it's mostly spell and trap line -up that is a bit off ...)

So as you all know Yubel is my main focus point however I only play one of each form because it does get cloggy. If she would be removed I can make the deck work perfectly on the archfiend part it just won't be as good without her.
Grephers and armas are used to ditch Yubel or heiress to the graveyard.
First lord of horror isn't entirely bad because you can summon it without tribute however it gets destroyed on the end. I mostly use him to get rid of backrow or things as zenmainnes, this way I can at least make it detach 2 materials, one for lord's effect and one for Yubel terror incarnates effect.
Empress, I have had a lot of good things with her, but I changed it from 2 to 1 because she is quickly a death draw. I special summon her mostly with cavalry and then later I use her effect to special summon first lord or Yubel depending on situation. Cavalry works great with Yubel whenever she destroys everything on the end phase you still get a monster due to cavalry's effect. Heiress great searcher and doesn't miss timing (besides from tributes and such), however since her effect clearly says "IF this card is sent to the grave" and not "WHEN this card is sent to the grave" she does get effect when used as a cost. Because she doesn't have to activate at the exact time of the cost. She activates after the resolve of the card for which's effect she was used.

Leviaithan, you detach her, lev gets +500 atk then heiress activates...
same for leviair: leviair detach heiress first spec level 4 or below then heiress activates ...

tour guide gets heiress or tour guide and xyz summon ...
Xyz usage depends on player and wallet ...
rainbow kuriboh is in there because I wanted to play a kuriboh ... doesn't really have any great use (might eventually take it out)

I always play 3 calls and 3 limits, limits for Yubel (and sometimes heiress or tour guide to make games) calls are mostly chained on mst's to get Yubel, cavalry, empress or if necessary a heiress ...

Spell and trap line-up are first off under construction :D
second that all depends on players choices and preferables.

Don't steal deck ideas and stay original ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Yubel friday night XD

almost forgot my Yubel friday post XD
I got a bit distracted XD
I bought hyrule warriors today and I might've played just a bit to much on it XD
Leaving you here with a drawing from a while ago that I digitalized, it's not really a good one but I'm trying to get better^^
Next week will be a deck update, so then you can steal my deck and deck idea and act like it's yours because that's what yugioh is all about right. Taking other peoples decks and act like they're yours O.O