Sunday, September 14, 2014

giving people the chance they deserve

I just now stumbled upon a post over on facebook
this one here to be precise ....->  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ <----- sparkels XD

The entire thing, idea behind what they want is to create pets and maybe more in the future who knows, for all your dollfie lover's dollfies out there.
They made up a survey in which they ask your meaning about several things,
the size of the pets depending on doll size, what kind of pets (there's an octopus choice ... choose that one) and more.
Overall I think survey are a good idea to find out what people like, what people would want to see.
Survey just like a poll gives off great statistics and a lot of people use it for small things to big things.
I even used a poll to see what logo people like better XD

That aside, you should all check it out, share it with friends and most of all fill in the survey and let them know your thoughts about it.
You also get the chance to maybe win one of the first pets that they would make.

I share this because I think things like this that's at it's starting point deserve it.
I myself know how hard it is to start something and you might get nothing in return for long periods of times, most people give up after a period of time because they think it's useless.
I've thought about giving up this blog as well, because no one seems to be caring to much about it.
But however it's my way of freedom, expressing myself and my effort to reach out to people who like the things I do.


a little thing that I'll add here has nothing to do with above ...
I think a lot of people probably like the lighter style of the blog now, I was sick passed couple of days so I didn't really try out a lot of different things. But to get back to the light thingy, it's not my thing, I'll probably go with something more greyish, purple grey that is. As (dark) purple being my favorite color and I prefer dark/greyish themes. I'll probably check something more along those lines. Hope you guys/girls will still like it though

Friday, September 12, 2014

quick art post ...

sorry haven't changed a lot cuz I've been sick the past few days ... even now I just woke up (well came out of bed) and it's like 8 pm ....
So it'll be a quick art post .. sorry