Thursday, September 13, 2012

inactivity O.O

hey peeps
as you might have noticed i'm kinda inactive .... TAT
and i'm very very sorry about that
but i'm kinda having lots on my mind and hands atm
it's kinda hard to upload things and clean everything up for the move
so yeah apperently i'm moving out again for like the 14th time or something and no it's no typo
i'm still considering if I'l move out and start on my own or still move out together with my parents
prefer the alone thing though
and if you guyz/girlz wouldn't believe me there's a pic of my room down below
biggest problem is that i still have some pre-orders on ma list and if they'll be sent the moment i just moved
imma shot O.O
idk what i just said XD
so yeah i'll probably be somewhat less active untill i'm settled down somewhere
again my deepest apologeeeeze ^^


  1. 14 times @_@

    May I know the reasons why you're often moving? because your parents work? or there's something else?

    Btw, good luck with your new place

  2. UUUm the reasons are definitly not my parents work cuz they don't work they'r lazy ass bastards but my stepdad just started working for almost 6 months
    other reasons are cuz the house sucks and with that i mean it's nearly not a house anymore but becuz my parents are so stupid they only notice that after half a year to a year
    like the house i'm still living at atm the first day i stepped in here i told my mom this ain't gonna be for long cuz it's really really in a bad shape

    and thanks ^^
    and i hope you'll never go trough that cuz it sucks
    and i did more moves then 14 but that's the count of those where i myself moved too cuz i helped with the moves of my 2 biggest sisters too ^^
    and from some other peeps as well

    1. Your life is complicated enough, bro.

      Btw, what's atm? apartment?

    2. atm = at the moment XD
      idk what you mean with apartment though XD

    3. Ahahahaahaha, I'm so ashamed

      I thought atm means "apartment" (_ _")


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