Saturday, October 6, 2012

C3 fear kubrick figure lil review thingy

hey peeps
first review like thingy that i'll be doing once a week
this can be of ... figures old or new, cosplays, games, accessory and everything else anime related

so to start of, my latest figure
the lovely fear kubrick laying down on a 'bed',
manufactured by : Chara-ani

starting with the box ... this one was actually quite nice and funny
it also gave you some lil story about the anime C3 wich i thought was very nice

though the fear itself was overall nice detailed it had some 'attach points ' to it, clear enough when out on showing case or anything these will not be seen since it's from the back under her hair
also the bed has the nice details of curves and folds are nicely done
but the bed itself is kinda hollow so you see the bed but it has no real bottom to it

rated between 0-10
i'll give her a well earned 8,5 ^^

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