Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zero inspiration

hey peeps
I started a while back on my own lil story thingy but i'm totally stuck,
I wanted to put up somewhat more art or something but i guess it'll have to wait ...
So for now ...
who loves Sword art online O.O
rate these cosplays if you want ;)
I'll give em both a 9 ;)


  1. Halo, long time no see :)

    Actually I like her cosplay, but her expression on first pic kinda ruined it. So, I give her 7,5/10

    1. if i'm not mistaken .... and i mostly don't ... XD
      these are 2 different once not the same girl ;)
      anywayyyyy .... hey how's it been ^^
      indeed it's been quite a long time bu that's also cuz i have less time to be online then usual :'(
      i just love those editing skills on the first pic


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